As I stay in Thane which is outskirts of Mumbai’s Sanjay Gandhi National Park spread across 104 sq. km and home for many small, wonderful creatures and even Leopard. I am visiting this park almost every weekend for last 28 years and still find new things in my each visit. Though the initial focus was on Birds, slowly I started admiring the lesser fauna which is very unusual, fascinating and goes unnoticed all the time. I started observing and photographing butterflies, ants, bugs, beetles, dragonflies, other small insects and wild flowers etc. As big mammals / birds get all the attention and focus but these tiny beasts always neglected and very less information is available on Indian species, so I concentrated on their photography and started writing about them.

Though I work with Raymond Limited which is a renowned Textile Manufacturing Company, my love towards Nature always attracts me to go places in Wild. India – being hugely diversified habitats, I traveled across the country for my nature observations and photography.

Yuwaraj Gurjar